Bridal Jewelry

    Finally a post! Things have gotten really busy the last few weeks so I haven’t had time to post. I promise to get better. I photographed jewelry again today for Fred… Continue reading

Beautiful Jewelry

  Today I photographed jewelry for Fred Bean’s Nook. I think the pieces are so pretty and it was a pleasure to photograph them! The jewelry can be found at

A Precious Family

      This is a shoot I did a few days ago. I photographed Kelly and Jason’s wedding several years ago….and then there was Parker and now there is Harper. We had… Continue reading

A Short Story

        This is a shoot I did at the studio yesterday. I got a little carried away but I had fun putting the text and graphics together.

Valerie & Bill’s “Album”

  I am constantly working on lots of different projects. So often I have things go out the door without documenting the final product. This morning I assembled a project that I have… Continue reading

New Wedding Albums!

    Ok, for the last 10 years, I have had the same sample wedding albums in my studio. For several years, I have been saying I need to do new samples but… Continue reading

Sunset at WaterSound

I took my final bike ride tonight before I turned it in. Oh how I wish all communities were bike friendly……I would ride mine everywhere……as long as it wasn’t cold outside! I loved… Continue reading

The Donut Truck

There is the cutest donut truck in Alys Beach. The baker makes everything fresh starting at 2 am. They also serve muffins, I discovered the green pistachio muffin. It’s so yummy! I leave… Continue reading

The Best Oatmeal

In Seaside there is a whole little row of airstream trailers. One is a cupcake bar, one has BBQ and this paticular trailer is an organic juice and food bar. Their menu read,… Continue reading

Fun Things

This is what I’ve been crusin around on the last week. I had to take a photo because it’s so darn cute. If I would have planned better, I would have put flowers… Continue reading