Lynn and Derek, Marvis Arts Center, Indianapolis, Indiana, Sneak Peak

Lynn and Derek One

Lynn and Derek

Yesterday, I photographed a wedding in downtown Indianapolis at the Marvis Arts Center. I just off loading the wedding and took a peek at the images, I thought this was a fun and sweet image and I wanted to post it. I’ve never been to Indy and the downtown is delightful. I drove in on Friday and woke up to a snow covered city on Saturday morning and thankfully all the roads were clear driving home today. Before I left Indy this afternoon, I drove up to Carmel, Indiana, a suburb about 25 minutes north of downtown. I had heard it was a cute little town and wanted to check it out…I looked up on yelp good places for brunch and found Bub’s Cafe, They are known for their doughnut holes so I had to try them. Oh my gosh, they had to be one of the best things I’ve ever eaten! I tried all four kinds, the powdered sugar, cinnamon, glazed and chocolate. My favs were the powdered sugar and glazed…they are served hot and are pure yumminess! Ok, back to the wedding, it was a beautiful day and Lynn and Derek are such a lovely couple! I’ll post more images as soon as I edit the wedding. Congratulations you two…you were a dream to work with and thank you for introducing me to your beautiful city!