Irina, Model Test Shoot, Studio Photography, DanielleStyle, St. Louis Missouri

Irina-01 Irina-02 Irina-120B Irina-162B Irina-181-2B Irina-232B Irina-250B Irina-267B Irina-301B Irina-346B

I love these images… this is a model test shoot I did in my studio a couple of weeks ago. Danielle Erb, who owns DanielleStyle, asked me if I wanted to do a test shoot…we used to do them lots but haven’t in a long time. Danielle, of course did the beautiful hair and makeup and Irina was our dream model! Danielle and I always seem to be on the same page when working together and end up with images that we’re both thrilled to add to our portfolios! Danielle always says, Susan and I both like “pretty”.